Submit a Mile Intention

If there is something you would like me to run for— a friend or family member, a challenge in life, anything— please submit it below.


A little story about the intentions:

If there is a single portion of this run that means the most to me, it is the intentions. A short story about the intentions: they are inspired by Joe, my friend and marathon training partner.

One day we were doing a speed workout on the track just for fun, and Joe was struggling. I had finished my last interval, and Joe had one more 300 to go. “Kyle,” he said to me, “When I get to the straightaway, I want you to yell, ‘For Chrissy,’ to me. I’m offering this interval up for my sister’s upcoming marriage.”

As I encouraged Joe on the homestretch of his 300 and reminded him of its intention, I was profoundly inspired. Someone who could have been lying in the grass feeling sorry that this workout was less that stellar was running for something beyond himself. And he was finishing strong.

A few weeks later I told Joe I was inspired by his selfless running and that I thought we should create a list of 26 intentions for the upcoming marathon. Over the next few months we did just that, and the day of the race, with 25-30 mph winds blowing in our faces, I ran each step for something bigger than personal achievement. The fact that I set a new personal record meant little; it felt good— it felt right— giving meaning that lasted, and continues to last far beyond the 3 hours and 17 minutes it took to run 26.2 miles.

After that marathon I vowed to never again run a single mile without having an intention attached to it, with intentions ranging from making it through an exam, to the health of a friend’s parent, to the well-being of a community, to world peace.

The intentions allow me to keep at the forefront of my mind why I am running: for others. They also remind me that I cannot do this alone. Let’s work together to have each mile dedicated to a different intention!

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